Douglas started his vast and eclectic vocational life with art. In fact, all facets of art from metal fabrication, wood, glass, plastics, optics, fine art to digital art and photography. It’s no wonder, he attended one of the most prestigious colleges of art, Pasadena Art Center. Douglas’ full range of expertise started when he began his life’s work as a Union Carpenter helping to build construction joint forms for the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Long Beach. A desire for more led Douglas to an opportunity through a family friend who was in the field of Optics. He was able to do top secret work for the Military. Amongst the fascinating projects were prototypes from Coors crystals for heat seeking missiles. Many of the projects were for Lockheed Missiles and Space and organizations like Hughes Aerospace and NASA for the shuttle program. He also worked on the early 80′s 3D projection lenses for all West Coast theaters.

Later he designed a permanent installation for the Discovery Channel which was an ant farm that was four feet by four feet and included a robotic arm that was maneuverable by a joystick which also had a 3D camera that enabled the viewer to see the ants up-close in 3D. Douglas decided to move on and pursue a hobby and passion of building custom street rods and then made it a full time career.

He worked on some of the top sports cars using his fabrication knowledge and his artistic eye to gain recognition from the leaders of million dollar custom cars in the industry. Douglas restored a Ferrari 350 GTC Special, originally purchased by the Queen of England from Enzo Ferrari. It was entered in the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and it won Best in it’s Class.

Website Designer Photographer

Douglas has wide-ranging experience in web design, graphic design, product development, manufacturing, auto design, auto manufacturing and many other industries. Please brows his many portfolios to learn more.

He also worked at Vector Motors Corporation a super-car manufacturer, in research and development, manufacturing, prototyping, training and leading the engineering team. When Vector dissolved Douglas decided to expand his creative direction and delve into the world of special effects for Commercials, Film and Television where he used his many talents to design, build sets, props and direct crews as a production manager. His film credits include some of the top Blockbuster films of the time namely Dante’s Peak and Armageddon.

Douglas left the industry wanting to transition into his own business but not until he designed and developed a state of the art tile saw for a top abrasives company while adding a manufacturing division to their company. He then began his journey to start his multi media company PX Media in the year 2001. Self taught in all areas of Web design, Graphic design, Photography, SEO and Marketing he used his vast expertise to help small business’ and corporate giants have a web presence to brand, market and advertise their business.

Douglas has directed many companies in countless industries. Douglas is not just a web designer, he is a business builder. He has been helping startup’s for more than 15 years from conception through launch. Douglas has spent 1000’s of hours researching and building viable detailed business plans. Researching markets, profit & loss, partners, retail locations, manufacturers, engineers, lawyers, etc… He is a process builder, problem solver who works well with teams large and small. Quick to learn and adapt to any situation in any industry.


Saw my vision, executed my vision to exactly what I was looking for! A true artist and magician. No one will ever design for me besides Douglas!

I first hired Douglas to create a website for Romani Construction in 2005, and was very happy with his work. When it was time to update our site in 2011, it was an easy choice to hire him again. As a not-so-savvy techie myself, his patience in explaining the process to me was endless. Douglas has always represented PX Media with the utmost of professionalism. He is knowledgeable and very personable, responding to email questions very quickly and if need be, asking me to call him for a more thorough explanation or trouble-shooting session. I highly recommend Douglas Goddard for his exemplary customer service and technical expertise. Recommendation via LinkedIn

I can always depend on Douglas to bring great ideas to a project and then execute on time and on budget.  He is a great collaborator and works well under different business models. Douglas always goes the extra mile to make sure the project he is working on is a success.

Douglas has always provided cutting edge web design and internet technologies that have greatly served my business since 2002. He always provides top-notch, knowledgeable service. I look forward to a long, continued business relationship and friendship with Douglas. Via LinkedIn

Douglas was a fantastic person to work with. Douglas Goddard is an independent professional. Precise, self motivated and loyal strategist. I strongly endorse Douglas. He has an extensive proficiency, and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated.

PX Media's, Douglas Goddard's exemplary hard work on the 3Dom 3D website proved to be the perfect multi media company. He executed the site with all needed mediums to help give my clients a wide range of options. The SEO package he provided was amazing, in a short amount of time we had orders coming in from all over the United States. PX Media's expertise and creative genius is bar none. I would never trust anyone else with my business & marketing. The site is beautiful, user friendly and exactly what we wanted! Roma G. President
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    Douglas GoddardDesigner

    Douglas is the type of person that you want on your team. He’s resourceful, adapts quickly to any situations, and works well off other peoples ideas. Has a stay on target, big picture mentality. He can go it alone or hire and build a team of strong people to accomplish just about anything.
    He is a talented designer with an impressive portfolio and an extensive record of creating stunning and innovative designs that immediately attract targeted visitors. Highly skilled in designing user-friendly websites, graphic designs, user interface navigation, and marketing materials that strengthen brand identities.