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Los Angeles, California

I would like to try and give back to you what you have helped bring to a reality for me. I’m not an expert in formal recommendations but I hope someone can relate to my tale.

When I began to research advertising for my company Starlocks, I entertained newspaper, radio, cable television. I quickly dismissed all of them for a variety of reasons.

One day a co-worker mentioned how excited she was that her hair website would be complete and how easy it was to work with “web designer”. She invited all of us to view her site When I viewed her site I instantly knew how I wanted to advertise and who I wanted.

I think the biggest fear I had was would I lose control of my project. Next was would we get along. I attempted to put together an idea copied from my friend’s site that could possibly house mine…. Finally a meeting with Douglas

His confidence for his field exudes from his presence. You immediately feel like you’re in the right place. His silence and patience as he listened to my fragmented ideas without a glint of judgment to the obvious fact that I knew nothing about websites, tickles me now.

When it was time for his response, Douglas nixed copying my friends’ site and began to inspire me to create on my own. He assured me that he would be there guiding and making suggestions and that it was our project now. He took all of my scribbling notes and said he get back to me. Once he familiarized himself with my company he called and through e-mail or phone we built the site one page at a time.

Douglas educates as he works. He did this through sending questions a consumer might want to know about my business.

I recommend Douglas.

Douglas Goddard because of his personal professional approach. (He’s an oxymoron.) His dedication to the uniqueness he brings to his creativity without losing sight of reaching your goal. He inspires the client to dig deep, to write randomly, and to bring forth an honesty to reach your client base.

My website has been up for less than 2 weeks and the response I’ve been getting has tripled word of mouth. Douglas has been there for us even when I was ready to say, “Eh that’s good enough, don’t you think?”

Thank You Douglas, for the education, the nurturing, and guidance. I will follow your advice to maintain the rating you brought to our website.

Elaina P. Schulman
Douglas Schulman


A talented designer with an impressive portfolio and an extensive record of creating stunning and innovative designs that immediately attract clients and website visitors. Highly skilled in designing user-friendly websites, graphic designs, user interface navigation, and marketing materials that strengthen brand identities.

Track record of meeting demanding deadlines, communicating effectively with cross-functional teams, and successful managing complex technical projects. Dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and creative solutions for all challenges. Visionary known for taking a hands-on approach when collaborating with clients and bringing creative concepts to life.

Career history of leading crews of 10+ employees, managing large & small budgets, directing and managing all facets of a company.