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October 20, 2000

To Whom This May Concern:

During his tenure at Pearl Abrasive Co., Douglas Goddard was considered a valuable and extremely capable addition to our staff. While at Pearl, Douglas acted as General Manager of our Equipment Division. He was highly motivated, dedicated, and made every effort to ensure that projects were completed in a timely and efficient manner His design skills and aesthetic sense were extremely valuable in our product development efforts. Furthermore, his attention to manufacturing detail enabled our organization to successfully launch our new products and meet our production requirements.

Unfortunately, due to corporate restricting, we no longer require the skills of a full time product development/production specialist. However, we would like to pass along our highest recommendation regarding his ability to provide a positive contribution to any organization.

Best regards,

Zack Pearlman

Vise President

Pearl Abrasive Co.


A talented designer with an impressive portfolio and an extensive record of creating stunning and innovative designs that immediately attract clients and website visitors. Highly skilled in designing user-friendly websites, graphic designs, user interface navigation, and marketing materials that strengthen brand identities.

Track record of meeting demanding deadlines, communicating effectively with cross-functional teams, and successful managing complex technical projects. Dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and creative solutions for all challenges. Visionary known for taking a hands-on approach when collaborating with clients and bringing creative concepts to life.

Career history of leading crews of 10+ employees, managing large & small budgets, directing and managing all facets of a company.