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To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter as my personal recommendation for Douglas Goddard / PX Media. I found Douglas to be very skilled in the area of web development and management, as well as being a consistently personable guy. Douglas’ stand-out talent was his ability to tackle and complete tasks in record time. I have known Douglas for 2 years and he’s one of the very best people I’ve ever worked with.

As the owner of a marketing company, I could always rely on Douglas to massage my text into a great looking and eminently readable product. He always did so with professionalism, a friendly manner, an eye for good design, and a calm demeanor that I could only envy.

Douglas caught more of my errors than I’d like to admit to making. Many times I would notice a mistake after sending him the text and fire off an alarm: “Douglas! Can you fix this?” only to hear back that he had already caught it and all was well.

Douglas’ mastery of web construction was obvious to anyone who dropped by our website. But his sense of design made the site look professional and friendly, — not to mention easy to navigate. I appreciated his skill and his ability to create something that looked as good as it worked. I wholeheartedly recommend Douglas as a truly creative person and a pleasure to work with.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss Douglas’s work further, please feel free to call me.


Dan Ciesla

CEO, DTM Enterprises


A talented designer with an impressive portfolio and an extensive record of creating stunning and innovative designs that immediately attract clients and website visitors. Highly skilled in designing user-friendly websites, graphic designs, user interface navigation, and marketing materials that strengthen brand identities.

Track record of meeting demanding deadlines, communicating effectively with cross-functional teams, and successful managing complex technical projects. Dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and creative solutions for all challenges. Visionary known for taking a hands-on approach when collaborating with clients and bringing creative concepts to life.

Career history of leading crews of 10+ employees, managing large & small budgets, directing and managing all facets of a company.