Client Endorsement: RG Specs, Inc.

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Douglas Goddard researched and drafted all our partner contracts and worked hand in hand with our lawyers, and manufacturers from China and Australia. Douglas has an extensive background in engineering, manufacturing and helping guide startup’s through the conceptual and beginning phases of business. He helped set up our retail store with credit card processing and inventory control. He also designed & directed a beautiful commercial that played within 16 AMC theaters during our launch and also did the graphic designing of our logo, business cards, t-shirts, signage and a amazing wrap for our kiosk.

A very special thank you to Douglas.

Client Endorsement: Website Design Arcadia, Pasadena CA and Development, Graphic Design, Marketing Materials, Printing and Photography, and Business consultant.

Douglas created our company website. We have a clothing line, and he envisioned the style that encompassed our fashion sense. Douglas put the website together collaborating with me in order to get the best end result. His services were expedient, and Douglas was always readily available to answer questions. I highly recommend Douglas and his services, and I will continue to contract him for future services.

Hetty Aquino, VP. Pain vs Guilt LLC. Pasadena.

Client Endorsement: Ecommerce Clothing, Website Design by PX Media

Top qualities: Knowledgeable and cutting-edge.

Douglas of PX Media has always provided cutting edge web design, development and internet technologies that have greatly served my business since 2002. He always provides top-notch, knowledgeable service. I look forward to a long, continued business relationship and friendship with Doug.

Roger Perry, Realtor – Broker Associate at Rodeo Realty Inc. – Beverly Hills

Client Endorsement: Website Design Beverly Hills and Development, Graphic Design Marketing Materials, Printing and Photography by PX Media

Douglas of PX Media did a fantastic job on my website He listened to everything I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. I really like his attention to detail. It’s also great to have a web designer who can change things, as i do change my mind and want new things. He is always prompt!
I would highly recommend him. 5 stars!

Ricki Criswell, Salon Owner – Studio City
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Client Recommendation: Website Design and Development by PX Media

Dear Douglas,
I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your talents on my web site. Never had I imagined the impact of your design on my clients [and future clients]. The visuals are concise, informative, and have achieved the creative imagery I sought. The site is extremely simple to navigate through, so all can see what they need to, no hassle!!! Thank you for taking the time to be exceptional.
Your fan always,
Lorri Goddard

Celebrity Hair Colorist, Beverly Hills.

Top qualities: Professionalism, Knowledgeable and very Personable.

I first hired Douglas/PX Media to create a website for Romani Construction in 2005, and was very happy with his work. When it was time to update our site, it was an easy choice to hire him again. As a not-so-savvy techie myself, his patience in explaining the process to me was endless. Douglas has always represented PX Media with the utmost of professionalism.
He is knowledgeable and very personable, responding to email questions very quickly and if need be, asking me to call him for a more thorough explanation or trouble-shooting session. I highly recommend Douglas Goddard for his exemplary customer service and technical expertise.

Tami Romani, VP. Romani Construction. Pasadena, Arcadia.

Client Endorsement: Custom Home Construction, Website Design by PX Media

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend Douglas Goddard / PX Media for all or your building, Designing and Search engine optimization needs. I have worked with Douglas on two websites for our company now, and have learned that he is a highly qualified and knowledgeable web master. Our whole team was very impressed with the creativity and caliber of work Douglas performed.

Douglas has been very responsive and attentive to all our needs. He also provided a successful and informative training to our inexperienced team, so that we can manage updates in house.

Douglas would be a tremendous asset to your company if you trusted him to conduct your website needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ashley Guzman
Associate Marketing Manager
Prolacta Bioscience. Monrovia Calif.

To Whom It May Concern:

Douglas Goddard created a beautiful website for us and has given us a great deal of service over the years. He gave us much more than what we had asked him to do. We receive compliments on our website daily, and it’s all because of his design work. It was very easy working with Douglas and it was a pleasure as well.

Thank you, Douglas.

– Racqui. SOM.
Norman Silverman Diamonds Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

We were extremely pleased with the work Douglas Goddard did for us. We had a large complex static PHP site and were looking at redesigning and converting to a CMS. Douglas suggested we move it to a Joomla CMS. We had years of SEO work invested in the site and needed to have everything done perfectly so as not to affect our rankings.

Douglas, through a unique blend of design, research and insight completed the 250 page project. We now have a beautiful new design and the performance is amazing. Our user inquiries jumped 50% days after we launched.

Mission Accomplished.

Thanks so much Douglas.

Ben Schusterman
ElJet Aviation Services

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter as my personal recommendation for Douglas Goddard / PX Media. I found Douglas to be very skilled in the area of web development and management, as well as being a consistently personable guy. Douglas’ stand-out talent was his ability to tackle and complete tasks in record time. I have known Douglas for 2 years and he’s one of the very best people I’ve ever worked with.

As the owner of a marketing company, I could always rely on Douglas to massage my text into a great looking and eminently readable product. He always did so with professionalism, a friendly manner, an eye for good design, and a calm demeanor that I could only envy.

Douglas caught more of my errors than I’d like to admit to making. Many times I would notice a mistake after sending him the text and fire off an alarm: “Douglas! Can you fix this?” only to hear back that he had already caught it and all was well.

Douglas’ mastery of web construction was obvious to anyone who dropped by our website. But his sense of design made the site look professional and friendly, — not to mention easy to navigate. I appreciated his skill and his ability to create something that looked as good as it worked. I wholeheartedly recommend Douglas as a truly creative person and a pleasure to work with.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss Douglas’s work further, please feel free to call me.


Dan Ciesla

CEO, DTM Enterprises

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to recommend Douglas Goddard for his services as a web developer and project manager.
I have had the privilege of receving his services for the past 5 years.  Doug has played an integral part of my business as he is the sole developer of my website ( His attention to detail and web functionality are priceless as he is always able to give me ideas and techniques used in today’s web marketplace. In addition to his expertise, Doug consitently remains professional, courteous, and helpful.  If you ever need something done or a question answered, Doug will be responsive to your needs.
It is without hesitation that I strongly recommend Douglas Goddard for any of your future web development and project management needs.  Please feel free to contact me if you have an further questions.
Alain Yen
Owner of The Artel

February 16, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that I highly recommend Douglas Goddard for both his creative and technical expertise in both web design and implementation and photography.

I have known Douglas for close to ten years and have used the services mentioned above extensively during that time. He is dependable, honest and a good collaborator on difficult and complicated projects.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like. My contact information is listed below.


Peter K. Criswell


February 16, 2011

To Whom This May Concern:

Douglas Goddard has worked with us for several years in tech support and also as our website designer.

We’re a fashion design company, working internationally, and having a visually appealing website is an integral component in the marketing of our brand.
Douglas is very knowledgeable in his trade, and keeps our site and email maintained.

I would recommend him to handle many aspects of a company’s technical and creative needs.


Charlie Lapson
Creative Director / CEO

110 E.9th St. suite C- 751
Los Angeles CA 90079

Please send inquiry for my requested salary.

When a company hires me they are not just getting a designer or one position filled. They are adding a new division. Someone that understands most aspects of the company, who can problem solve in most any department. With many years of experience working with teams, employees, vendors, and clients, I wear many hats daily. I can work within any medium necessary. My title may be “designer”, but that does not mean I can’t work with programmers, graphic artists, video, photography, marketing, writers and SEO. When doing my job I put my heart and soul into it. I strive for excellence not only in my work but in all the work that I partake in. If I need to help another department get a project completed under budget and on time, I’m there for them.

A client came to me with an idea for a new company website. It was an interesting concept with the name Customer Service Army. Now, I, like most artists don’t normally like long names for a logo. It becomes difficult to blend and flow with too many words and/or letters. After thinking about it and sketching a few ideas on paper, nothing worked. I needed a logo that could be used as a brand. A brand that made sense. Something that was not just recognizable but could be worn on the body or on clothes. Using symbolism that was built-in and would draw attention. Then it hit me, a dog tag. You would think that that’s just too easy but, in fact it was very difficult.

The logo became a success almost overnight. In less than two months it was seen on billboards, magazines, and newspapers. It appeared on local television as well as national (CNN). It’s not like you would walk around with a Target or Coca-Cola logo hanging around your neck. The client, had me make actual dog tags for members, t-shirts and hats. Die cut business cards and postcards with the same shape. This logo worked for every size needed. The business concept was not my idea but the logo was.

I learned that sometimes it’s better to go with your gut. No idea is to crazy if you believe in it.

First. I would be sure I had all that was needed and approved with a full description/spec of the changes. I would research any new technology requirements, depending on how much was involved. I would be sure to make a back-up of the full site and database. If possible, I would make the changes to a mirror site on the same server. If this was just an edit or text change I would create a copy of the page being edited and save it with a different name. Make the change. Verify the change was correct and then publish/overwrite the original page.

If the change was more involved like dynamic or a script that was being used for the first time. I would have all the changes done on the mirror site. Then tested and approved. The changes could entail the work being done by many departments and could quite possibly involve a project manager. Each stage of the changes would need to be tracked and verified prior to moving to the next stage/department.

I’ve had the opportunity to be the head of many teams in my career. With a background in Manufacturing and the Film industry I have led crews of more than 50 employees. As a general manager of manufacturing in charge of a 5 million dollar budget as well as a senior director of design managing many teams in all aspects of a project. I have experience in all facets of running a company. In the last ten years of my web design career I have had many examples of developing and managing projects from it’s concept through completion.

My education has consisted of learning each tool from different perspectives. I generally learn two or more concepts and look for how I may improve what I’ve learned. Education and research is key in this industry. Using my CAD, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, books and learning from the leaders of design, I have learned to take a different approach to each task. With my diverse education and experience I have worked on projects large and small. My strong points are design, ideas and management. I tend to take multiple tasks by the horns and run with them. Multitasking is my middle name, and I train my team on how to do the same.

Although I adapt mentally to left and right brain, I’ve always been a bit more drawn to the right. I do tend to look at almost everything from both perspectives. I’ve been an artist all of my life, mainly with fine art and photography. I enjoy working with my hands.

The computer gave me another vehicle. I’m still fascinated at what can be done. This medium never stops recycling. Every year or so, we get a new set of tools to work with. I enjoy learning new things and creating art in any medium. The need to have many elements within each project is the main reason why I chose web design as a career. Every project is different with a new set of demands. While learning, I get to problem solve, negotiate, design, manage and develop each project. To me, art is a passion, no matter what the conditions.

How about something like this:

I first met Douglas when he provided some technical consultation on a client matter.  I was impressed by not only the depth and breadth of his knowledge but also by the enthusiasm and passion he has for his craft.  It is rare – but refreshing – to find the blend of creative talent, energy, and the ability to articulate and share the science behind the art.

Kim Ray, Attorney.

KayRay Law

Dear Douglas,
Your redesign of my web site has resulted in more interest than I ever would have imagined. My Fall schedule is now completely full — in no small part due to your efforts.

You were able to take what I thought was a good site and turn it into a great one. I especially appreciate the time you took to understand my business and preferences, the patience you exhibited with explaining each step and requirement to my staff, and your willingness to make requested changes without “attitude” or delay.

The fact that you are willing to keep the site updated on a regular basis is icing on the cake. And all this from finding you on the internet one Sunday afternoon! Thank you so much for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we were delighted with the final product. You can be sure I’ll be coming back when we’re ready to design the second site.

Best regards,
Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D.
Corporate Coaching International

Client, James Orsulich. Dallas, Texas

PX Media,

I wanted to thank you for your passionate commitment to web design and superior customer service. I develop customer relationship management strategy on a daily basis for my clients – and I am NEVER easily impressed with customer service in any industry. In fact, my motto is that customer service is mediocre at best – until I’m proven wrong. I am glad to say that Douglas and PX Media proved me wrong and my web site is clear proof of that!

When I first talked to Douglas on the phone, I knew he was the right web designer for me – even though we had never met or spoken before. I expressed to him that I hate the “norm” for everything, and especially stuffy and boring looking business consulting web sites. It turns out that we had similar philosophies, while Douglas let me know that he designs nothing that is not “completely original.”

When I got into this process with Douglas, I had some in-person experiences with large and small web design companies, but I was the most impressed with Douglas’ commitment to my work and his willingness to educate me about the web design process. In fact, I used to work for a large financial services firm that charged close to $50k to complete the company’s web site – but there was little to no education, nor any added customer relationship value.

Throughout my experience with PX Media I was always very satisfied with prompt and reliable service. When I first got started with the company, Douglas told me that I could reach him at almost anytime, at the office and on his cell phone, Monday through Sunday. Now this is unheard of, but it is a great example of the kind of personal customer service today’s businesses should strive for.

To have a passion coupled with a fierce work ethic like Douglas has – it is inspiring. I remember times when Douglas told me he would be working until 1 a.m. or so on my web site to meet our deadlines. And sure enough, I would receive emails the next morning that were received anywhere from 1 – 3 a.m. on Friday or Saturday night. Now that’s dedication!!!

Overall, in working with PX Media and Douglas Goddard, I feel that I received:
• Passionate and strong work ethic
• Insight and vision from a true professional
• Superior customer service
• Web site and industry education
• Added customer relationship value

Thank you so much for all of your help – the web site looks terrific! I look forward to referring many of my clients to you.


James Orsulich, COO

Los Angeles, California

I would like to try and give back to you what you have helped bring to a reality for me. I’m not an expert in formal recommendations but I hope someone can relate to my tale.

When I began to research advertising for my company Starlocks, I entertained newspaper, radio, cable television. I quickly dismissed all of them for a variety of reasons.

One day a co-worker mentioned how excited she was that her hair website would be complete and how easy it was to work with “web designer”. She invited all of us to view her site When I viewed her site I instantly knew how I wanted to advertise and who I wanted.

I think the biggest fear I had was would I lose control of my project. Next was would we get along. I attempted to put together an idea copied from my friend’s site that could possibly house mine…. Finally a meeting with Douglas

His confidence for his field exudes from his presence. You immediately feel like you’re in the right place. His silence and patience as he listened to my fragmented ideas without a glint of judgment to the obvious fact that I knew nothing about websites, tickles me now.

When it was time for his response, Douglas nixed copying my friends’ site and began to inspire me to create on my own. He assured me that he would be there guiding and making suggestions and that it was our project now. He took all of my scribbling notes and said he get back to me. Once he familiarized himself with my company he called and through e-mail or phone we built the site one page at a time.

Douglas educates as he works. He did this through sending questions a consumer might want to know about my business.

I recommend Douglas.

Douglas Goddard because of his personal professional approach. (He’s an oxymoron.) His dedication to the uniqueness he brings to his creativity without losing sight of reaching your goal. He inspires the client to dig deep, to write randomly, and to bring forth an honesty to reach your client base.

My website has been up for less than 2 weeks and the response I’ve been getting has tripled word of mouth. Douglas has been there for us even when I was ready to say, “Eh that’s good enough, don’t you think?”

Thank You Douglas, for the education, the nurturing, and guidance. I will follow your advice to maintain the rating you brought to our website.

Elaina P. Schulman
Douglas Schulman

Hi Douglas,
I have been so busy with my new show and Saturdays are always booked now with new clients. Thanks to you! I just talked to a lady who gave you a compliment on my site…she said that no matter where she looked on different search engines or what key words she used I always turned up so she called me for an appointment.
Well, Have a great week?

Thanks again,
Nanci Casico.

Film / Television. Hair Stylist / Colorist, Los Angeles.

Dear Douglas,
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with my digital portfolio. You worked so hard to create the animated intro and the layout is great. I know I was a demanding client and you met every challenge. Not only am I sending the disc to producers, I have made it a regular presentation in my teaching program, too. This is the way everyone’s work should be presented.
Next – the web site!

Thanks again,
Todd McIntosh

Film / Television Makeup Artist, Los Angeles.

I have tears in my eyes, I’m so pleased. ( no kidding! )… the site
looks fantastic!!

“Your professionalism and artistic ability have created a platform I am proud to use as a showcase for my work. I will recommend to anyone looking for a web site to choose PX Media, Inc.

Thank you so much.”

You are the best.
Oliver Tollison


Therien Studio Workshops / Therien & CO.
Douglas recently contracted with Therien to produce a two faceted web interaction.

Douglas was successful at achieving both qualities at a high enough level to satisfy us both as a premier antique dealership and manufacturer while maintaining a cohesive overall presentation.

As the process was somewhat of an introduction of contemporary web site capabilities to Therien, Douglas was responsive and patient with all of our questions.

We feel that at the end of the process we had a much better understanding of the potential of the technology and that we utilized the same to best meet our objectives and budget.

As Therien works further to refine and develop our web based marketing Douglas will continue to be a part of our team.

Greg Rodriguez

National Sales Manager Therien Studio Workshops Inc.

October 20, 2000

To Whom This May Concern:

During his tenure at Pearl Abrasive Co., Douglas Goddard was considered a valuable and extremely capable addition to our staff. While at Pearl, Douglas acted as General Manager of our Equipment Division. He was highly motivated, dedicated, and made every effort to ensure that projects were completed in a timely and efficient manner His design skills and aesthetic sense were extremely valuable in our product development efforts. Furthermore, his attention to manufacturing detail enabled our organization to successfully launch our new products and meet our production requirements.

Unfortunately, due to corporate restricting, we no longer require the skills of a full time product development/production specialist. However, we would like to pass along our highest recommendation regarding his ability to provide a positive contribution to any organization.

Best regards,

Zack Pearlman

Vise President

Pearl Abrasive Co.

August 30, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

Douglas Goddard and I have known each other for the last 12 years. We met while working together at Vector Aeromotive Corporation, where he was responsible in the development of their production super car. Douglas and I worked together on the film Armageddon. Camtek machined (CNC) parts for the ¼ scale RC moon rover (Armadillo). The most recent was at Pearl Abrasive Company, where he developed their first line of tile saws.

I admire his creative and manufacturing abilities, which combined made the whole line very practical and statically pleasing product. I wish him the best of luck in his future manufacturing and product development projects and hope to remain a vendor of his.


Anjum Mirza


Jun 11, 1996

To Whom This May Concern,

On behalf of Douglas Goddard, I am writing to heartily recommend him. As a production design, over the last several years, I have relied on him heavily to solve many complicated situations. How to build a fancy full-scale armored car and match a miniature ti it, complete with bouncy ribbon on top. For example, another complicated project invalved the now famous Lexus climbing a skyscraper commercial. Doug is a detailed, thorough and timly in his work. His computer skills were very important in realizing critical relationships and structural challenges in all our projects. And – I really like him.


Richard Amend

Impresa, Inc.

To Whom This May Concern:

This is to confirm that Mr. Douglas Goddard has been transferred to the position of fabrication shop supervisor for the period of 10 weeks, between December 16, 1991 and February 24, 1992.

During that period, Mr Goddard demonstrated a pronounced talent in all aspects of fabrication operations. He is an organized and logical professional with exceptional comprehension for complex fabrication and machinists, coordinating the daily workload and performing all required quality control to our full satisfaction.

Mr Goddard was transferred back to engineering on where he continues to work as a manufacturing engineer.

Markus Rufer
Director of Manufacturing

Vector Aeromotive Corporation


A talented designer with an impressive portfolio and an extensive record of creating stunning and innovative designs that immediately attract clients and website visitors. Highly skilled in designing user-friendly websites, graphic designs, user interface navigation, and marketing materials that strengthen brand identities.

Track record of meeting demanding deadlines, communicating effectively with cross-functional teams, and successful managing complex technical projects. Dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and creative solutions for all challenges. Visionary known for taking a hands-on approach when collaborating with clients and bringing creative concepts to life.

Career history of leading crews of 10+ employees, managing large & small budgets, directing and managing all facets of a company.