Impresa, Inc.

Jun 11, 1996 To Whom This May Concern, On behalf of Douglas Goddard, I am writing to heartily recommend him. As a production design, over the last several years, I have relied on him heavily to [...]


August 30, 2000 To Whom It May Concern: Douglas Goddard and I have known each other for the last 12 years. We met while working together at Vector Aeromotive Corporation, where he was responsible [...]

Pearl Abrasive Co.

October 20, 2000 To Whom This May Concern: During his tenure at Pearl Abrasive Co., Douglas Goddard was considered a valuable and extremely capable addition to our staff. While at Pearl, Douglas [...]

Todd McIntosh

Dear Douglas, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with my digital portfolio. You worked so hard to create the animated intro and the layout is great. I know I was a [...]


Hi Douglas, I have been so busy with my new show and Saturdays are always booked now with new clients. Thanks to you! I just talked to a lady who gave you a compliment on my site…she said [...]


WWW.STARLOCKS.COM Los Angeles, California Douglas, I would like to try and give back to you what you have helped bring to a reality for me. I’m not an expert in formal recommendations but I [...]


WWW.TELIGENIX.COM Client, James Orsulich. Dallas, Texas PX Media, I wanted to thank you for your passionate commitment to web design and superior customer service. I develop customer relationship [...]


Dear Douglas, Your redesign of my web site has resulted in more interest than I ever would have imagined. My Fall schedule is now completely full — in no small part due to your efforts. You [...]

Kim Ray, Law

How about something like this: I first met Douglas when he provided some technical consultation on a client matter.  I was impressed by not only the depth and breadth of his knowledge but also by [...]

Alain Yen

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to recommend Douglas Goddard for his services as a web developer and project manager. I have had the privilege of receving his services for the past 5 years. [...]